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Fence Installation and Repair Services | Stratford, CT

If you have a broken or barely standing fence on your Connecticut property, you need to make a decision on whether it will be worth fixing the fence, or should you just replace the exisiting fence all-together. A deteriorating fence can become quite an eyesore for your property and can invite all types of animals to pass into your yard. Replacing or repairing your fence is an important decision so you must consider all the options you may have in regard to the types of fence you are dealing with. We have complied information for a few different types of fencing to help you determine the best choices to make.

Wooden fences: If your wooden fence has begun to deteriorate, you can replace the fencing slats, posts, or gate with a similar type of wood. This is a job that you can hire the fence repair specialists at D&B Landscape Contractors to perform. If more than twenty-five percent of your fence slats are beyond repair, we recommend that you tear down your existing fence and install a new fence. You should gauge what would be more cost effective and take in consideration that there is a strong possibility that the remaining fence slats will be in disrepair in the near future.

Chain link fences: You typically will not have to worry about a chain link fence falling apart, however over time it will begin to rust and become an eyesore for your property. If the rust is designated to a small section of your chain link fence, it will probably be worth replacing. D&B Landscape is very experienced chain link fence install and repair and we can give you an insights and a full estimate so you will make the best decision.

Stone walls: Installing a stone wall on your property can be a big expense and time consuming task. However, it can reap the greatest rewards in regards to curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Completely replacing a stone wall structure can be an arduous task because it involves removing the existing structure completely. We recommend that you consider all repair options before making a final decision.

With over 15 years of experience in fence installation and repairs, D&B Landscape Contractors is Fairfield County's and New Haven County's premier residential and commercial fence installer. D&B offers virtually an unlimited number of fencing install and repair options: wood privacy fence, chain link fence, stone or aluminum fence, and custom built gates. Contact us today at 203.673.5084 for a FREE estimate!

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