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Fall Clean-Up and Leaf Removal - Stratford, CT

The Fall season is a beautiful time of the year for Fairfield County, Connecitcut but it makes Fall cleanup-up services essential for landscape maintenace. D&B Landscape Contractors are based in Stratford, Connecticut and offer leaf removal and fall clean-up services to Fairfield and New Haven Counties and beyond. With our top of the line landscaping equipment and expeirenced professionals, our Fall clean-up services includes the collection and removal of all leaves, and other forms of debris including pine needles and tree branches from the yard. The entire lawn will be mowed following the leaf cleanup, to provide a clean landscape for the entire winter.

Fall clean-up can be extremely overwhelming for Connecticut homewoners. Depending on the size of your property, it can take days to amass all of the leaves and debris, place them into bags and haul it away. The landscape professionals at D&B can handle all aspects of the collection and disposal of your leaves in a timely and maticulous manner. We will ensure that your driveway, patio, walkways are clear of all leave and debris.

Fall clean-up services is a very important factor for the health of your property because it prepars your lawn for the long and harsh winter season ahead. The best time to perform fall clean-up services is in the month of November, so you should not hesitate to contact D&B Landscape Contractors immediately for a FREE Fall clean-up consulation and estimate.

The Autumn season is also an ideal time of the year to hire us to perfom other landscaping services such as:

Fertilizing your lawn. The fall can be an optimum time to fertalize your lawn because during this time of the year when the growth of your trees and shrubs has decelerated and their leaves have fallen, the roots of your trees and shrubs use the nutrients from the surrounding dirt to fight off disease and help restore new growth during the Spring time.

Remove thatch build-up on your lawn. Over time, dead grass and debris on your property can build up on your grass creating dead matter and causing your grass to become thin and weak and eventually wither away. Hiring a landscape professional to perform lawn dethatching in the Fall will help you in maintaining a healthy lawn through the Winter season. Dethatching allows your lawn to grow back thick and lush in the Spring.

Aeration is also very important component to maintiaing a healthy Connecticut lawn through the Winter season. Aeration will help control thatch build-up on your lawn and improve the quality of your soil, which will promote growth for your lawn, trees, and shrubs through the Winter and into the Spring.

The importance of hiring a professional Fall clean-up service to maintain your Connecticut lawn can not be overstated. If you don't take care of your property in the Fall, your lawn can become overcome with moisture during the Winter months, which causes mold and fungus buildup, which can ruin your grass. You can turn to the lanscape professionals at D&B Landscape Contractors to take the stress away from removing leaves and debris from your property and help you maintain a clean and healthy lawn throughout the Winter months and into the Spring. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and estimate!

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