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Retaining Wall Design and Installation Services - Stratford, CT

A retaining wall is a great extension to any Connecticut landscape property. Even if your property does not experience any water run-off soil erosion problems, a retaining wall can add function and be the visual centerpiece to your landscape. A retaining wall can be utilized to uphold sloped sections of your property, inhabit water fountains and other water features such as ponds, and maintain the soil of an elevated garden safely in place.

To appreciate the beauty and cultivated benefits of a retaining wall years to come, the framework of the retaining wall has to be constructed properly. An inadequately built retaining wall, can easily become a blight to your landscape and may create dangerous problems for your property.

D&B Landcape Contractor specializes in building retaining walls that are structurally sound and ornamental for residential and commercial properties in New Haven and Fairfield Counties for over a decade. Our construction practices meet the highest industry standards. Our retaining walls are typically built utilizing materials such as brick, concrete, and stone. We can construct a customized retaining wall in the configuration that best to suite the demands of your landscape. Our custom retaining walls will enhance the beauty and functionality to the landscape your commercial or residential property.

What type of retaining wall will best suite your yard?

As a service retaining wall installation and design company, D&B Landscape can construct a wide array of structural and decorative retaining walls, including but limited to the following:

Gravity Walls: D&B Landscape Contractors offers a full service gravity wall installation. We can help with the design choice of the gravity wall style system that would work best for your particular project. From Keystone to Lock and Load we are experienced installers of most gravity wall products on the market today.

Concrete Walls: Poured concrete retaining walls create a strong, stable, and lasting option for your landscape. Concrete walls are typically less susceptible to damage caused by weather, erosion, and age.

Block Walls: Block retaining walls are designed to hold back a soil and create a more usable outdoor space. They are often used as planters or as a decorative aspect to your yard.

Rock Walls: Rock walls are designed to raise planting areas above grade to protect them from high water levels which occur from poor landscape drainage systems. The rock allows for a natural barrier to hold back the installed topsoil. This elevation ensures the root zone is sufficiently drained for the average landscape plant to survive.

A professionally installed retaining wall by D&B Landscape Contractors will not only hold back sloping soil and assist in drainage, it will also add an aesthetic element and beautify to your landscape. At D&B, we specialize in designing and installing attractive retaining wall design concepts. Contact us today at (203) 673-5084 for a free consultation!

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