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Drainage Contractor Services for New Haven, Fairfield, Middlesex Counties, Connecticut

Having a functional drainage system is key to maintaining a healthy landscape for your residential or commercial property. In the New Haven and Fairfield County areas, we are often vulnerable to severe weather and heavy rainfall, which can easily inundate your property’s drainage system. Water accumulation can create a threatening amount of damage to your property and it is something that you should be prepared for. An over-abundance of water in your landscape can lead to various types of dangerous diseases for your shrubs, lawn, and trees and completely kill off sensitive plants.

As a full service drainage system installation and repair company based in Stratford, CT, we can offer a wide array of drainage solutions for your property. We can design and construct both large and small drainage systems and have the proper machinery and experience to get the job done properly and in an efficient manner. All of our drainage system installations are in complete compliance with Connecticut regulations and permits.

Our complete drainage solutions will help you to avoid potentially costly damage to your residential home or commercial property. When water builds up on your property, it can create damaging factors such as mold, foundation damage, dangerous walking conditions that can lead to lawsuits, and many other issues that can happen as a result form seepage an the intrusion of water. Besides causing costly damage to your landscape, the excess amount of water that accumulates on your property can cause serious damage and weaken the integrity of your patios, stone walls, and driveways.

D&B Landscape Contractors has hundreds of satisfied clients in the New Haven and Fairfield County areas and we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of drainage companies in Connecticut. We specialize in commercial and residential draining system design and installation, as well as installing retaining walls. We are experienced professionals and are equipped to remedy all of your drainage issues. We specialize in the following drainage solutions:

  • Yard Drainage

  • Lawn Drainage

  • Storm Drains

  • Channel Drainage

  • Pool & Deck Drainage

  • Downspout Diverting

  • Pump Systems & Lift Stations

  • Foundation Waterproofing

  • Grading & Excavating

  • Preventing Capillary Effect

  • Reducing Hydrostatic Pressure

  • Water Erosion Control

  • Sanitary Sewer Lines

  • Water Lines

  • Retaining Wall Drainage Systems

Tips to Prevent Drainage Problems

  1. Sweep your driveway instead of using a hose. This saves water and keeps dirt out of your drainage system.

  2. Creating a pond or a rain garden has started to become popular as solutions for yard drainage problems. Both of these solutions not only help collect excess rainwater, but also add a beautiful feature to your landscape.

  3. Try improving the soil in your property by mixing in extra amounts of organic matter. Soil with a high organic matter content allows excess moisture to drain through while absorbing needed water.

  4. Install a drywell. A drywell works to allow water to enter the deeper subsoil faster and easier. It is basically a hole dug downward into the subsoil and filled with gravel or a sleeve.

  5. Add screens on gutters to help keep debris out of your drainage system.

An over abundance of water on your property can cause a great deal of potential damage and should not be overlooked. D&B Landscape Contractor's drainage contractor services can solve drainage problems such as low areas on your property, insufficient drainage around down spouts and gutters, locations of standing water, and other drainage issues that can lea to basement flooding or foundation damage. We offer drainage design, drainage installation, drainage repair, emergency drainage, home drainage and commercial drainage throughout Farifield and New Haven counties in Connecticut. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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