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Connecticut Winter Tree Pruning - Connecticut Tree Removal | Fairfield, New Haven County, Connecticu

The most opportune time to prune the trees and shrubs on your property is during the late fall and winter season, so don't delay on contacting the landscape professionals at D&B Landscape

Contractors to schedule your tree pruning services today! D&B Landscape Contractors provide winter tree pruning services to Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut and beyond.

Winter tree care is essential to maintaining a healthy landscape throughout the year. It prevents your trees and shrubs from the destruction that can occur due to harsh conditions of the

long Connecticut winters. D&B Landscape Contractors employes only the most experienced and exceedingly trained staffed, which makes us one of the most qualified winter pruning tree care

businesses in the Connecticut area.

There are many reasons as to why pruning during the winter season is imperative to having healthy growth for your trees and shrubs during the spring. During the winter season, there is

reduced chance of diseases spreading amongst your landscape and there will be less insects around to infect the pruning lesions. A few other advantages to pruning in the winter include;

Improved sight lines due to limited foliage, the compact soil makes for better equipment access, the reduced amount of outdoor activity presents less potential damage.

D&B Landscape Contractors have been providing winter pruning services throughout the Connecticut region for over 15 years. We offer the following tips and advice if you plan on performing

pruning services for yourself to your property.

  1. Have a well thought out plan before you begin to prune your plant. The majority of deciduous pruning should be done using a natural approach, meaning that low lying limbs are not removed and tall trees and shrubs are not trimmed off the top to lessen their stature. An effort should be made to maintain the natural shape of the tree or plant and highlight its instinctive features.

  2. Dispose of all dying or diseased branches and limbs of the tree or plant. You must remove all water sprouts and unbranched stems that grow from your tree. Water sprouts are shoots that arise from the trunk of a tree or from branches that are several years old, from latent buds. The latent buds might be visible on the bark of the tree, or submerged under the bark as epistemic buds. They will never develop into attractive buds or limbs.

  3. Thin out the branches and limbs by starting at the interior of the tree or shrub and work your way out to the exterior. The reason for thinning out the branches is to create added circulation throughout the the limbs and to emphasize the structure of the tree. It is important not to remove too many limbs because that will lead to increased water sprouts.

  4. Carefully Inspect your trees and shrubs for insects and diseases. The history of the property and adjacent land may reveal many problems. The majority of tree and plant diseases will take a good amount of time to spread throughout an area, so if the majority of plants on your landscape are experiencing infections in short period of time, a disease or insect is most likely not the culprit. Examples of infectious agents include fungi, protozoa, viruses, and bacteria.

  5. Take the proper precautions in order to remain safe. It is important to where protection for your face and especially your eyes when performing pruning. If you are pruning a larg tree, be certain that you are using a stable latter. If your pruning requires chainsaw work and you are not experienced in handling a chainsaw, it may be in your best interests to contac a professional tree pruning service to assist you.

You can contact D&B Landscape Contractors to perform all tree and shrub pruning services for your landscape. Our Connecticut abortionists will treat your property as if it is our own. You can

call us today at 203.673.5084 for a free Connecticut winter tree care consultation. Our experienced tree care specialist team will assess the trees and plants on your property to ensure

the best possible methods of maintenance and well-being. Whether you are in need of tree removal services, tree pruning, tree cutting, and chainsaw work, D&B Landscape Professions are your

one stop-shop for all of your landscaping needs.

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