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Lawn Care Services - Commercial Property Maintenance - New Haven, Milford, CT

As a commercial property manager, there are advantages for creating a list of things to do when performing landscape maintenance. As you go down your list and check off the services accomplished, you will gain a sense of accomplishment, as well as ensure that all of your tasks are successfully completed and nothing is overlooked. It will ensure that your landscape will remain vibrant and healthy, which will help you to ensure that your current tenants are satisfied, as well as assist in attracting new tenants. From ensuring that your lawn is consistently mowed and the plants of your landscape receive the proper irrigation, there are multiple landscaping duties that you must adhere to each month.

The Connecticut commercial landscape contractors at D&B have developed a list below, of duties that you should include in your commercial property maintenance schedule.

Commercial Lawn Care Maintenance Services in New Haven & Fairfield County

In order to maintain a vibrant and healthy lawn, you should perform the following lawn care maintenance services on a monthly basis.

Lawn Mowing: Your lawn will require a great deal more than a simple trim to remain healthy. When you hire D&B Landscape as your lawn mowing contractor, you can rest assured that you’re getting “the full package” for lawn mowing and maintenance. We will set a customized landscape schedule that will best benefit your lawn.

Lawn Care Aeration: Performing aeration services is a requirement in order to maintain a vibrant and healthy lawn. Over the coarse of time thatch will accumulate along with soil compaction. These two factors can suffocate your lawn and prevent it from acquiring the necessary nutrients that are required. D&B's lawn aerating services will assist in allowing your turf to breath. It will give added strength to it's roots system and drastically enhance the effectiveness of fertilization.

Overseeding: This is the process of adding more seed over your current turf in order to restore and strengthen the grass of your lawn. The sometimes unforgiving weather elements of Connecticut seasons can be very damaging to the health of your grass, which can make it susceptible to weeds, insects and pests. Another factor that can contribute to the demise of your lawn is heavy foot traffic. By hiring D&B to perform overseeding services, you will be strengthening the foundation of your turf, which will enhance it's development.

Emergent Weed Treatments: A lawn that is infested with weeds is not only damaging to it's appearance, but will also compromise the health of your lawn. D&B's weed control program include applications that will prevent emerging weeds in the early spring months and a summer application to kill off pervasive weeds.

Based in Stratford, CT, D&B Landscape Contractors has been treating lawns and performing commercial landscape services for over 15 years. We have the experience and cutting edge tools to create a thick, healthy lawn that will remain vibrant all year. You can contact us today at 203.673.5084 to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

D&B Landscape Contractors offers landscape design and support, new plantings, tree evacuation, snow evacuation, grass establishments, property maintenance, wall establishments, fence installations, and a great deal more to the accompanying towns and encompassing regions in Connecticut: Hamden, New Haven, West Haven, Woodbridge, Guilford, Orange, Milford, Fairfield, Stamford, Greenwich, Monroe, Trumbull, Westport, New Canaan. Get in touch with us today for a FREE Consultation!

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