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Stratford, CT Property Maintenance and Lawn Care Service for the Fall Season

As the warm and dry days of summer are coming to an end, most Connecticut homeowners in Fairfield and New Haven Counties tend to put their lawn-care and property maintenance on the back-burner as the Fall season approaches. This is a common mistake that we consistently encounter with many of our property maintenance clients. We want our current and potential clients to understand the importance of taking the time to cleanup your yard during the Fall season and prepare your landscape and house for the Winter, so it will flourish come Spring time. You can contact the landscape professionals at D&B Landscape to manage the following Fall cleanup tasks.

1. Fertilize your Lawn. After a long and dry summer, it is important to replenish your lawn through fertilization. Your lawn and plants need nutrients to get them through the cold Winter months and Fall fertilization is a key component that will contribute to maintaining their health.

2. Prepare your deck or patio. Conditions during the Winter months can be tough on your deck or patio and can potentially destroy your furniture. We recommend that you remove your patio furniture and store it in an indoor location. If you do not have any room for storage, you can purchase furniture covers, which will greatly increase the life-span of your furniture. Also, use a broom or power washer to remove any leaves, sticks, or other debris that is located on your deck or patio.

3. Rake and remove leaves. Removing all the leaves and sticks on your property will increase the health of your lawn and prevent your lawn from being smothered, which can lead to disease.

4. Clear leaves and debris from gutters. Gutters that are blocked with leaves and debris can cause serious damage to the exterior and interior of your house. You should consider contacting D&B Landscape Contractors to clean out your gutters before Winter time approaches. Not only can we clean out your gutters, but we can also locate areas that are in need of repair and fix the problem before it causes damage to your home.

5. Do not neglect your Lawn Maintenance. It is recommended that you continue to mow the lawn of your Connecticut property until the point that frost will begin to appear. If possible, utilize a mulching mower when you are mowing the lawn for the last time of the season. You must also remove any weeds that are remaining on your lawn.

You should rake the leaves on your property on a consistent basis throughout the Fall season to ensure that your grass will stay healthy. As we mentioned earlier, the debris on your lawn can smother your grass, which will block much needed nutrients and potentially lead to disease.

Pruning is also an important element of your Connecticut fall your cleanup and maintenance plan. You can hire D&B Landscape Contractors to prune any dying or diseased branches from the trees or shrubs on your property.

Winter will arrive before you know it, so it is vital to keep your property prepared. The cold weather will take a toll on your landscape and can restrict the overall grown of your lawn in the Spring time. You can contact the Cnonnecticut landscape professionals at D&B Landscape to take the appropriate measures this Fall to ensure your grass, shrubs, and trees are going to receive the proper nutrients and strength they will need to survive through the Winter months.

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