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Trumbull, Bridgeport, CT - Commercial Snow Removal Services

Weather forecasting experts are expecting a large amount of snowfall for the Bridgeport area this winter, and it is crucial that you be prepared for the harsh conditions by deploying your commercial or residential snow removal needs to D&B Landscape Contractors of Stratford, Connecticut. D&B has been providing snow plowing, ice removal, salting, and sanding services for commercial properties and homeowners throughout Connecticut for over 15 years. Our professional team has the expertise and equipment to dispose of snow and ice from driveways, walkways, or parking lots of any size in a quick and efficient manner. We also offer an assortment of de-icing and sanding applications for your property. You can count on us to provide dependable and prompt service when you require emergency snow removal.

There is a wide array of conveniences involved with hiring an experienced snow plowing services company to extract snow and ice from your commercial or residential property. Hiring D&B will save you the additional time and commitments involved in the task, which will allow you to focus more of your energy on work and spending valuable time with your family. If you are a business owner, you recognize that a snow storm can wreak havoc on your operations and have a significant impingement on your profits. It is imperative that you have your walkways and entry-points are completely clear of snow and ice so that your customers will have secure access to your establishment.

Whether your in need of snow removal services for your residential property, condominium and apartment parking area, car dealership, shopping center, or any other type of establishment, you can count on the snow removal specialists at D&B Landscape Contractors to take action immediately. We offer 24-hour snow removal emergency services to ensure that your business is up and running in the case of a major snow storm.

A Connecticut snowstorm can often be a beautiful sight, especially during the holiday season, which can often make it easy for residents to overlook the dangers associated with snow and ice accumulation. It can be just as dangerous walking through these conditions as it can be to drive. Most accidents occur due to the fact that pedestrians or drivers may not notice a layer of ice that is located under a thin coating of snow. As a commercial business or property owner, you are well aware that you could be held accountable for any accidents that occur on the premises of your property due to inadequate snow or ice removal. And any injuries sustained due to accidents can potentiality lead to a lawsuit. It is important to take the proper precautions to avoid the dangers associated with snow and ice accumulations by hiring the snow removal specialists at D&B Landscape Contracts to keep your employees and customers safe.

Another safety concern to take into account is the probability of injury that can be sustained while undertaking the snow shoveling duties yourself. The American Heart Association has reported that shoveling snow can often lead to many health problems including the risk of a heart attack. The combination of frigid temperatures and the physical action involved in snow removal can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure and strain on the heart. There is also the potential for body aches and back pains. We have encountered many clients throughout Connecticut that were forced to spend a tremendous amount of money and time in therapy for back problems they developed due to attempting to shovel heavy amounts of snow.

There are many reasons why you should consider hiring the Connecticut snow plowing and ice removal specialists at D&B Landscape Contractors. We are committed to providing our customers with timely snow and ice management services and accommodating you with worry-free service whether we are plowing snow, shoveling sidewalks, salting, sanding or whatever needs you require. If you would like to hire in us advance to prepare your business or property for the entire winter, We offer seasonal property maintenance programs that will provide you with the greatest value for our services. We are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. Contact us today at 203.673.5084 for a free consultation!

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