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Shelton, CT – Fall Landscape Cleanup Services, Rake Leaves, Leaf Removal, Tree Pruning Near Me

D&B Landscape Contractors provides professional leaf removal services in Shelton, for residential and commercial property owners throughout the following and surrounding towns in Farfield, and New Haven Counties; Stratford, Milford, Orange, New Haven, Woodbridge, Shelton, Ansonia, Monroe, West Haven, East Haven, Trumbull and beyond!. Our team of landscapers possess the necessary machinery, including leaf blowers, rakes, tarps, and truck vacuums to safely and efficiently perform Leaf Removal in Shelton, so your turf can receive the necessary sun and nutrients it requires to get through the harsh Connecticut winter season.

Get your turf and landscape elements prepared for the winter season, with the assistance of D&B Landscape Contractors's landscape maintenance services. We offer seasonal lawn care and landscaping services home and business owners throughout the area. Fall cleanup can be a very arduous project, our property maintenance crews are available to assist you! Some of our more popular fall clean-up services in Shelton include the following:

  • Leaf raking and hauling

  • Fertilization

  • Grass Cutting & Thatch Removal

  • Tree and shrub pruning or trimming

  • Clearing clutter, debris removal

  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control

Our fall clean-up service involves removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated on your landscape over the course of the year. It is crucial for the health of your turf, plants, shrubs, and flowers to remove accumulated leaf and debris, because they can potentially nurture fungal material such as spores, which can lead to disease and are detrimental to the health of plants in your landscaping. If you are seeking Connecticut Tick Spray and Tick Control services, we recommend Tick and Turf.

In addition to leaf removal services, many of our clients hire D&B Landscape Contractors to perform mulching services, fertilizing, hydroseeding, lawn dethatching and aeration services. Contact us today at 203.673.5084 to keep your landscape looking its best year round with fall cleanup services in New Milford, CT and surrounding areas!

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