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How Much Does New Haven Commercial Snow Plowing & Removal Cost?

The cost of commercial snow plowing and removal services in New Haven can vary widely based on several factors. Prices are influenced by factors such as the size of the property, the frequency of services, the amount of snowfall, local labor costs, and the specific services required. Additionally, whether the contract is seasonal or on a per-event basis can impact pricing. Here are some key factors that contribute to the cost:

  1. Property Size: The larger the property, the more time and resources it typically takes to plow and remove snow. Larger parking lots, expansive driveways, and extensive walkways will contribute to higher costs.

  2. Frequency of Service: Properties that require more frequent snow plowing and removal, especially during heavy snowfall, may incur higher costs. Contracts that include regular maintenance throughout the winter season may have different pricing structures than one-time or occasional services.

  3. Type of Equipment Used: The type of snow removal equipment required can affect pricing. Larger properties may necessitate the use of larger snow plows or specialized equipment, which can impact costs.

  4. Location and Climate: The geographic location and climate of the area play a role. Regions with heavy and frequent snowfall may have higher costs due to increased demand for snow removal services.

  5. Accessibility and Layout: The ease of access to the property and the layout of driveways and parking lots can affect the complexity of the job. Properties with challenging layouts or obstacles may require more time and effort.

  6. De-Icing Services: If de-icing services, such as the application of salt or other ice-melting agents, are included, this can add to the overall cost.

  7. Contract Terms: Seasonal contracts, where services are provided throughout the winter season, may have a different pricing structure compared to contracts based on individual snow events. Seasonal contracts often provide a fixed cost for the entire season.

  8. Insurance and Liability Costs: Contractors factor in the cost of insurance coverage, including liability insurance, which contributes to the overall pricing.

D&B Landscape Contractors offer commercial snow plowing and removal services for properties throughout the New Haven County area. We provide no-cost estimates based on a site visit and a thorough assessment of your specific needs.

You can click the following link to View Our 5-Star Reviews, and please do not hesitate to ask us for references! You can contact us today at 203.673.5084 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!


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