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Stratford, CT | Best Landscaping and Lawn Care Maintenance Services

As a property owner in Stratford, Connecticut, you take a great amount of pride in maintaining a vibrant and beautiful landscape. Having a landscape designed and maintained by the professional Stratford landscape contractors at D&B Landscape Contractors will help to raise the market value of your home, or as a business owner will assist in attracting new clients and improving the moral of your employees. At D&B Landscape Contractors the majority of our new clients we obtain come through referrals from existent clients. We make it our objective to provide the greatest possible customer service and treat every property as if it was our own.

Our team of highly trained landscape technicians will arrive at your property and perform a complete evaluation in order locate any areas that may be causing problems such as soil compaction, surplus thatch layer, diseased trees or shrubs, brown spots on your lawn, or infestations of insects or ticks. We understand all of the components involved in maintaining a healthy lawn and landscape and we utilize only top-quality products, modern machinery, and the best landscaping practices to ensure that your all elements of your landscape will remain healthy and vibrant throughout the year. Our customized landscape maintenance packages will ensure that your landscape will be the envy of all your neighbors and you will be completely satisfied.

Professional Lawn Care Maintenance

Lawn mowing is one practice that is frequently neglected by property owners in Stratford, CT. Accomplishing awesome results in characteristic grass care programs starts with a right cutting practice. Cutting the grass 3-3.5 inches, with the right recurrence, utilizing much of the time honed edges, shades out potential weeds and keeps the dirt temperatures cooler keeping indispensable supplements in the pieces of turf where it will be most beneficial. Giving back the clippings once again into the garden when conceivable, includes back key natural matter into the dirt without expelling supplements that have been connected. Natural matter substance is vital in maintaining a sound soil base for turf root frameworks.

Seasonal Lawn Cleanups

Our spring cleanup services incorporates grabbing branches, remaining leaves, oak seeds, pine cones, and excess dirt. It additionally incorporates raking up snow mold, pruning any broken branches, surveying seeding needs, decreasing left over perennials and repositioning rock from snowplows. This exertion tidies up the grass and gardens to get ready for spring soil changes and cutting. Our fall cleanup incorporates expulsion of the greater part of leaves, cleaning beds, and curtailing perennials. Fall cleanup helps us to set up your property for the dormant winter months.

Weed Removal

Weeding is an imperative piece of lawn upkeep. Weeds by and large demonstrate different issues in the dirt, for example, compaction, poor seepage, and soil supplement lacks. They will develop wherever there is uncovered soil so it imperative to either overseed or mulch to minimize the territories where weeds can develop. Weeds can likewise shade and deter significant plant material and keep them from flourishing. We utilize an assortment of weeding methods that best suit your property needs. In the event that you disregard weeding, your greenery enclosure will never achieve its maximum capacity.

If you are searching for the best landscaping and lawn care contractors in Stratford, CT, contact D&B Landscape Contractors today at 203.673.5084 to schedule a no-cost quote and consultation. We provide complete year round lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services for commercial and residential customers in Stratford, CT and surrounding areas.


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