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D&B Landscape Contractors provides masonry repairs for chimneys and custom chimney installation in Trumbull, CT and surrounding towns. We have earned a reputation for being the best chimney installers near me by offering high quality workmanship, completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our chimney repair contractors in Trumbull are chimney rebuilding experts who understand all aspects of chimney build and repair, including chimney restorations, chimney flashing, chimney crown replacement and chimney removal. We also offer fireplace repair and maintenance services.

The Benefits Of Regular Chimney Repair & Maintenance in Trumbull, CT

D&B Landscape Contractors' expert chimney repair and maintenance will ensure that your chimney is working efficiently and the exterior of your home or commercial property is visually appealing.. Our chimney repair and maintenance services in Trumbull will work to ensure the following does not occur.

  • Fireplace and chimney damage that does not maximize energy.

  • Damaged flues that enhance allergens and create poor indoor air quality

  • Water leaks and potential water damages

  • Leaning and deteriorating chimneys

How Much Will A Chimney Repair Cost?

The cost associated with a chimney is incumbent upon a few determining factors . Our Trumbull, CT chimney masons consider will taking into account the following factors before we offer you a no-cost estimate for your chimney repair or restoration project. We take the following key factors into consideration.

  • The existing condition of your chimney.

  • The number of flues connected to your chimney.

  • The type of chimney you have.

Properly repairing or installing a chimney requires the necessary knowledge and experience of well-trained masonry professionals. D&B Landscape Contractors has decades of experience with all aspects and complexities of your chimney system and can repair minor problems correctly before they become a much more costly issue. We can also install a stone or brick chimney for new construction projects.

Please do not hesitate to ask us for references! You can contact us today at 203.673.5084 to schedule a quick no-cost quote!

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